Frequently Asked Questions - Drivers

Q:1 What is my Password?
A:1 Your initial password will be provided by your Driver Business leader (DBL).
When you login for the first time you will be asked to change your password. The new password will be used from that point on.
Q:2 What do I do if I forgot my password?
A:2 If you forgot your password you can press the Forgot your password link from the login screen which will allow you to answer your challenge questions.
Q:3 What are challenge questions?
A:3 The first time you login you will be asked to set your challenge questions. Challenge questions are used to verify your identity in the event you forget your password. If the challenge questions are answered correctly you will be able to enter a new password. You can change your challenge questions by choosing the Change Driver Password link.
Q:4 What do I do if I forgot the answers to my challenge questions?
A:4 You will need to contact Driver Technical Support
Q:5 How do I logout of CrossRoads?
A:5 In the upper right hand corner of the web browser window, click on the button that looks like a door. This will sign you out of CrossRoads.
Q:6 Where can I access CrossRoads?
A:6 CrossRoads is accessible from any computer that has web access. It could be a computer at home, at a truck stop, at a Operating Center (Charlotte, Gary, Laurinburg), WI-FI connection (Green Bay Operating Center). Note: On a non-Schneider-provided machine, administrator privileges are required.
Q:7 What can I expect to access through this service?
A:7 You will be able to see your weekly pay information in addition to updates on Schneider National corporate news. There will be safety training and information available. Drivers can also view the driver handbook and any changes in policy or procedures.
Q:8 What are the system requirements?
A:8 In order to run CrossRoads these system requirements must be met.
Q:9 Connecting to CrossRoads seems slow.
A:9 At certain peak times of the day (generally, afternoons and evenings), traffic on the Internet increases and can cause congestion and slow responses from web sites - even with a cable modem or DSL connection. If you experience slow response from a web site, try the site at a later time.
Q:10 I get a warning saying that “There are other user sessions in progress”, what does this mean?
There are already user sessions in progress
A:10 This warning indicates that you had another session open when you logged back into this one. Click “Continue the Session” to continue logging in. This will clean up the first session and allow you into the service.
Q:11 What does the “Cache cleaner” screen mean?
A:11 The “Cache Cleaner” is a service that is run to clean up Schneider information that may be stored on non-Schneider computers when the user finishes their session. This protects Schneider’s data.
Q:12 The security software installed on my home computer is giving me warnings, what does this mean?
A:12 Listed below are two common security programs. If your software is not listed below, please review your user manual to understand what the prompts may mean. The Schneider WebAccess service does not present a security risk to your computer.
  • Symantec - Norton Internet Security Suite
    • Below is a screen shot you may encounter while using Norton Internet Security. This is normal behavior. This warning may appear while the “Cache Cleaner” service is running. Click the “OK” button to continue accessing the service.
      Norton Internet Security Alert

  • McAfee - Internet Security Suite
    • Below is a screen shot you may encounter while using the McAfee Internet Security Suite. This is normal behavior. This warning may appear while the “Cache Cleaner” service is running. Click the “Grant Access” button to continue accessing the service.
      McAfee Internet Security Alert
Q:13 I have Antivirus software installed on my home computer; will this cause me any problems?
A:13 No. To date there have been no reported problems with any of the commonly installed antivirus software.
Q:14 Why can’t I open some documents in CrossRoads and Schneider Online Xpress?
A:14 Some documents are saved as Microsoft Word and Excel files. Others are saved as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files. These programs must be installed on the computer you are using to connect to WebAccess in order to open these types of documents. Adobe Reader is a free download, available from Adobe's site:
Q:15 Who do I call if I have questions about my benefits or if the information under Current Benefits is not accurate?
A:15 All benefits questions can be directed to the benefits staff at: 1-800-558-6701 x5924183. The Benefits Department is staffed Monday thru Friday from 0800 - 1600 CST.
Q:16 Who do I call if I have a pay discrepancy or pay issue?
A:16 Contact your DBL regarding all pay questions during normal business hours.
Q:17 Who do I call if I’m having technical difficulties or my question cannot be answered on this page?
A:17 Contact Driver Technical Support.